The transformation of the communications landscape is continuing at fast pace. 


As a result, holistic cross- and transmedia approaches including multi-channel use of content are far more important today than they were only five or ten years ago.


  • Benefits for clients, not products, are in focus

  • Thought leaders represent corporates

  • Marketers think and act like publishers and content-curators

  • Search engines "reward" good content



campaign impact.

An example: Your company has commissioned a survey and plans to market the results. You publish the report on your owned platforms (e.g. on your website or weblog, complemented with infographics or multimedia pieces such as videocasts).


To achieve further earned visibility and credibility, offline and online, you engage media relations and/or leverage your network to influencers or key business associations.


To enhance your reputation and drive traffic to your website or blog, you enter into a dialogue with your customers, and use forms of social web interaction (e.g. content/links are shared on social networks, such as XING, LinkedIn or Facebook, or on Twitter, and uploaded to Slideshare).


To ensure guaranteed reach, you may also consider paid formats (such as print or online advertising, AdWords or sponsored events).

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