We’d be delighted to start a conversation
with you, and get to know your company.


As part of a first briefing meeting, we’d like to discuss at least four key questions with you:


  • Can you improve the visibility of your brand in offline and online rooms?

  • What unique, high-value content can you offer to your stakeholders?

  • Which media are adequate for your communications mix?

  • What resources (technology, staff, maturity level of communications) are available for content marketing and PR?




Guided by our process and planning framework we will determine the type of conceptual or tactical-operational communications support you require. We help you in drafting, framing and translating ideas and strategies.


Our recommendations on communication strategy and campaign implementation are always tailored to the individual business of our clients. R-Communications sees itself as a (long-term or project-based) content partner, a text manufacturer and proactive idea-supplier to extract story hooks.


We are also your partner when it comes to the actual roll-out of communications programs and the implementation of campaigns. Clients can also use our services by only purchasing individual modules– e.g. for press kits, website editorial as well as positioning or storytelling workshops.  

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